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Hello Revelstoke.

The stoke isn't quite real yet as I am looking for a long-term place to live. I won't be here "just for the season" I have a good job in town, and my goal is to stay for a good time. I understand that housing is suffering a crisis in this town for many reasons, however, I will tell you why I am the best tenant you could have:
- Able to provide great local reference, might it be from my employer or from past landlords;
- A homeowner myself, being from overseas I own a condo at the beach, and I know how much trouble and headaches renters can be, so I always treat the place as if it was mine;
- Not an early 20s anymore. I'm 27 years old with loads of time lived away from home, I have always been responsible, self-sufficient and organized.
- I don't smoke, I barely drink, won't lie that I love a good wine, but hard liquor isn't my cup of tea, which I actually enjoy a good cup of tea.
- As noticeable, I enjoy some humor too. "Why so serious?!" I kind enjoy that saying even though the character that says it is a lunatic.
- I believe that mentioning that I like to MTB, Rock climb and do outdoor sports make me the one in a million around here eh?!
Please, read this with love, humor, and compassion for someone that has always opened its doors to whoever came by; I have hosted, Norwegians, Welsh, Dutch, Germans, Chileans, Austrians, Swiss, even Americans in places that I had the freedom and the possibility to do so. Karma sure is a thing, and I believe that it will reward me back as I have always treated people equally and as one of my own family.

Best of luck to me and you, who could be my potential landlord.

Give me a call on 1 778 839 7246 and I sure to match any other tenants qualities!

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Wed, 05 Dec 2018 02:54:36 GMT