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Hey guys! As I have been taking a break from my physical doula work for my own pregnancy, it has lead me to create some prenatal and postpartum classes. These classes can be taken in addition to the prenatal classes through Okanagan College or as a stand alone. I tried to create them so they wouldn't overlap too much, simply provide more information on topics that are truly important in the birthing and postpartum process, while still covering all the basics, so if this is the only course you take, you will still feel prepared.

They will be hands on and holistic focused. We will be going through different comfort techniques (physical and emotional) broken down into what helps with pregnancy, and by each stage of labour (including labour positions). How to tell if you are in labour. We will chat about how it varies by every individual, as opposed to fitting everyone in a generic box.

The mind body connection will be covered, and how to use your mind to make labour as comfortable as possible in addition to raising your oxytocin naturally.

There will be a ton of knowledge, based on up to date studies, with some good take home information for you to review on an on-going basis.

I also wanted to cover postpartum in a separate in depth class, as I feel like we generally tend to focus on the birth itself. There is so much that happens after. The 4th trimester is a complete adjustment, both for you, your body, your partner, and your baby. This will include tons of information with the same holistic perspective. We will cover topics such as sleep, breastfeeding, support, resources, baby care, baby wearing, fertility after birth and more.

The location is currently To Be Determined (TBD) and dependent on how many people sign up. The price is for you and a support person of your choice.

The dates and times have some flexibility as well.

Snacks will be provided. I am also working on a line of all natural baby and mom products, so there may be some fun giveaways too!

For more information about classes in general or Revelstork - Holistic Doula Services visit

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Tue, 04 Dec 2018 19:53:35 GMT