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This Commercial Display Stand can be used to display cards, plaques, magnets and so forth.
It is finished with a high quality commercial laminate on wood.
The finish does not mar or scratch with regular commercial use, allowing for years of service.
It is slatted all the way down on each of its 4 sides,
it turns 360 degrees,
and has sturdy, high quality casters for easy relocation.

It comes with 12 strong metal racks
of which 4 can hold a total of 64 different business card sized items ( 2 ¾ “ wide x 3 5/8”tall ) ,
and 4 can hold a total of 16 different tall gift card sized items (5 ¼” wide x 9 ½” tall), and 4 can hold a total of 8 different landscape gift card sized items (8 3/8” wide x 10” tall).
The racks have a good 2 “ depth, so they can be used for thicker items or multiples of thinner stock.
Magnets stick to the back of the rack to keep magnetic stock stable.
In the smallest pocket racks, 2 smaller magnets could also be displayed, by allowing the magnets to stick to the back plate one on the top bar, and one on the bottom bar, in each slot, making it able to hold 128 single smaller magnets.
The racks are easily removed by lifting up and out, but are sturdy when placed into the slots.
The stand is very versatile and could be used with other racks/shelves designed to fit into the slots.
The stand is in excellent condition and the racks are in very good condition.

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Mon, 03 Dec 2018 04:44:07 GMT