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Tonight at 6:00 pm at the Mountain CoLab, come out to the Revelstoke tech meetup , where John Simms is talking about a super interesting topic: AI & machine learning.

Computers nowadays are used to organize our data, play games against us, forecast the weather, predict election outcomes, drive, and chat with us. Machine learning is a term used to describe the process of making those systems. John will explains the basics of what makes all this possible. No prior knowledge is necessary as the topics will be broader than they are deep, however a few short digressions into code or maths may occur, with something for everyone.

Possible topics include: data basics, what's a predictive model, what makes a model "good", data science roles, computer vision, deep learning, and some purely speculative thoughts on the future and the AI-apocalypse. A few real world projects will also be visited along the way.

John is a freelance coder working for the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute(ABMI). He moved to Revelstoke about 11 years ago to enjoy the local maxima, gradient based activities, and the random forests. He's a familiar face at the monthly tech meetups and we're happy to have him at the front of the room this month.

The tech meetups are monthly learning and networking hangouts for folks involved in a variety of tech industries in town (and visitors too!). Hope to see you there.

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Fri, 30 Nov 2018 22:49:24 GMT