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The old parties love FPTP (First Past The Post). It can give them 100% control with a less than 40% of the votes cast. Depending upon voter turnout, they can get control of British Columbia with the support of less than 25% of the electorate. And we call ourselves a democracy?

So they have much to lose, The opponents of proportional representation are using their tried and true tactics... fear-mongering and mudslinging.

If you are confused or concerned about the negative messages you have heard, check out Fair Vote Canada's Fact Checker website:

Two Cdn. political scientists, Dennis Pilon and Brian Tanguay have fact proofed the most frequently heard lies/misinformation about pro rep. Quick, easy, accurate information.

And these videos call out the fear mongering:

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Sun, 11 Nov 2018 01:15:24 GMT