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What a major improvement you've given this town! Coming across the bridge you are the first thing people see. They are now welcomed by this hotel giving Revelstoke the upgrade in image we deserve. The new colours & siding, the well maintained green space has increased the curb appeal of our little mountain town. For years people would see the town as washed up, greeted by a rundown hotel & bus stop with a string of fast food on the one side. McDonalds did a small make over a couple years ago, Starbucks is much better than the old Petro Canada and now The Stoke.
If they were lucky enough to turn off the highway they'd be overwhelmed by the beauty and pride Revelstokians have. You have brought that pride back onto the highway.
Some may think oh no we don't want everyone to know about our secret gem. The secret is out, this gem is on the map.
I have to give a shout out to the gardeners too. You are an important piece to the magic of this town.
We are all so blessed to live in this beautiful town.

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Sat, 03 Nov 2018 23:36:11 GMT