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Hello Revelstoke. My name is Jackie Rhind and I'm running for City Council. I've received a few common questions so I wanted to respond to these here in case anyone else is curious. If you have other questions or would like to chat, please email me at

Q: How long have you been in Revelstoke and how do we know that you're committed to the community and not just some transient that is here only for the ski hill without any concern for the people?
A: I have lived in Revelstoke for just over three years. I work full-time at Vic Van Isle Group in the offices located above the RONA store and have worked here for three years. I am committed to my employer and building my career here – Revelstoke is my home and I have no intention of leaving. I bought a home with my partner two and a half years ago and in our house we provide affordable long-term rental to three people that also are committed to Revelstoke and work here full-time. I didn't buy a seasons pass for RMR this winter because, if I am elected than all of my time off work will be consumed with fulfilling my civic responsibilities as a councillor leaving me little time to ski, and I totally fine with that...this should give you some idea of where my priorities are. The first city council meeting I attended was two months after arriving in town. I have been an engaged member of the community ever since and have taken a keen interest on anything ‘Revelstoke’. Anyone who knows me knows how proud I am to call Revelstoke home. For me, the mountains and the outdoor adventures are not what makes Revelstoke the best place on earth. Though I do love getting outside and enjoying the wilderness, my friends will confirm that I’m by no means ‘an athlete’ (at least not in the Revelstoke sense of the word). Being outside and breathing clean air makes me a better person, but for me, it is the people and the sense of community here that make Revelstoke the most special place on earth. I hope to one day raise a family here and when I do that I hope that it is as special a place then as it has been for me. Running for city council is my way of taking action to ensure Revelstoke grows responsibly and that during this period of growth all decisions put community interests first.

Q: If I received one your pamphlets at my doorstep, was that you or did you have other people go handing out your pamphlets?
A: I have been doing some door-to-door campaigning and handing out my pamphlet with each visit. If there is no response when I ring the doorbell or knock on the door, I have been leaving the pamphlet in the handle/doorway. Nobody other than me has been handing out pamphlets so if you got one it means I was at your house but you weren't home (or couldn't hear/answer the door). If you haven't received a visit or a pamphlet and you would like one, please let me know and I will happily stop by.

Q: Why don't you have signs?
A: I don't love the idea of having signs because once the election is over they just go in the garbage and to me that is wasteful. I also just don't like the idea of crowding out people's line of sight with a clutter of signs. I respect other candidates' choice to have signs, but it is just not for me.

Q: Are you accepting donations to your campaign? How much money have you received to date?
A: I am not accepting any money from anyone for this campaign. All promotional material (my website, and my pamphlets) has been paid 100% by me and my total costs amount to less than $50. I like to keep my expenses down and don't see the need in spending others people's money if I don’t need to - I will be a great influence on the city ;)

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Fri, 12 Oct 2018 14:20:21 GMT