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Hello hello..

I´ve heard a lot of good things about Revelstoke on my way to this little town. But YOU! guys are incredible. I finally made it, I´m in town and had such a good time in the last few days. Never expected such a friendly/welcome/attitude.

I´m in awe just like you were back when you first got to Revy. The big thing is I need a place to call home for the winter (ASAP - April).

So if you have a den, closet, bigger shoe box, cozy trunk or just a normal room like people talk about let me know. Even if you know someone who´s looking for a respectful, down-to-earth roommate. I´m hoping that soon I can be settled and enjoying alongside y'all.

Cheers Matti

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Fri, 12 Oct 2018 03:17:22 GMT