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We made a Video instead of an "ISO Room" post, to stand out.

Here is the youtube link:

Ideally looking for 2 rooms in same house, but we will share a room or if you only have one room available we will split.

We will also rent an entire house, even if there are more than 2 rooms.


Full time professional - stocks & shares trader
Part Time Server
Snow, Yoga, biking & music enthusiast
Music producer and DJ
I like partying but not more than once a week
Cook for myself every day, appreciate a shared meal
Have a weird enjoyment of sweeping floors
Love a good 'fad' - diets, life hacks, etc
Want to laugh with housemates


Profession - ski technician, landscaper, server... anything that pays well.
Interests - almost any sport including knitting, buying snacks and watching anything on Netflix.
Try to ski, snowboard and bike as much as possible.
Like partying, but preferably at other people's houses
My cooking is limited to frying pan use so no mess 😁

And good hearts.

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Thu, 11 Oct 2018 00:54:58 GMT