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If I wuz May hair of this beeyouteefull little townsite this is what I wud do .
I wud build a good ol barricade to protect the kiddies from the angry rich skibuns racing to the mountaintop. You know what else I wud do? I’ll tell ya wut I wud do!
I’d dredge them stinky lagoons, clean them right out, wun this year wun next year. A million big boys but that’ll fix your smelly welly!
You wanna know wat else I wud do? I’d buy both them ol school yards as an eenvestment for the peeple of this grand ol townsite, that’s wut I wud do!
An sumtin else, I’d put a bounty on them rats! A buck a tail! Tell them unfortunate vermin to get outa dodge!
An them fancy setup charges for the new cabin builders , we’ll id make sure we had at least 10 ten other townsites with higher set up charges in each kategorey in this big ol province. The dredge’ll Fix the smelly wells, a traffic light’ll fix the skibun traffic, and we save a lotta buckaroonies! Them extra cabins will bring in the bonanza if we don’t scare em away!
You wanna know wat else I wud do? I wud ask all the hardworking worker folk at the city wut they think of their job. Wut could be better, how could we save, why don’t they like working for this beeyouteeful little ol townsite. I’d ask them big bosses if they cud knock 1 outta 20 off their boodget. Askem real nice, take em out for supper.

That’s wat I wud do if I was may hair of this little ol townsite!

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Wed, 10 Oct 2018 17:04:49 GMT