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Did anyone else have negative experiences with the taxis last night? I fully understand the open letter a few months ago stating it is harming our tourism and we need another company to step in and run a friendlier, more professional service.

Myself and many others have ended up walking or hitching home with taxis that never show - it is understandable they can be busy and running late but then at least let the customer know , and if a customer phones to enquire where their taxi is it is unacceptable to be met with a bitter, angry response. Maybe the lady was in a particularly bad mood last night but this is not the first time.

I won't go into a long list of all the complaints i've heard and experienced - the main point is the customer service provided on the phone is consistently terrible , nearly all the drivers are great and i tip them but the way their office is managed and the way 'valued' customers are treated is an embarassment to the community.

I have complained directly on the phone only to be met with a defensive and harsh response. If there was another taxi company in town i imagine the majority of customers and quite possibly taxi drivers would be thankful for the choice of taking their business elsewhere.

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Sun, 16 Sep 2018 20:55:36 GMT