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First of all want to keep this anon as I have met the new editor and she seems like she wants to make a success of the paper. On speaking with several groups of friends over coffee and discussion with coworkers there is a consensus on the online version of the paper. Most of us belong to the site and get the posts in our timeline. Bottom line : too many posts of other communities . You see a headline on the posting about "grizzly attack" eg or "bank robbery" etc and you feel your heart drop hoping it's not someone you know out hiking or your $ isn't stolen from your local financial institution. We are used to the Review having LOCAL news. That's what everyone I spoke to said. We have Global , radio and television to keep us up on what is happening in the world outside of us but want to rely on our local news source for news that concerns us LOCAL news. So please just concentrate on Revelstoke stories. Ok ? Thanks

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Fri, 13 Jul 2018 15:36:09 GMT