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After reviewing yesterdays council agenda and council meeting recording, all property owners in Revelstoke connected to sewer, get ready for a huge increase in sewer rates in the upcoming years. In yesterday's council meeting, it was proposed that a municipal assist factor of 50%, which is a fancy way of saying sewer users subsides 50% of sewer expansions resulting from development. .This would result in sewer rates just shy of $500, an increase of 67%, for an existing residential home. Additionally they are looking to increase water municipal assist factor, again subsidies, by 5 or 10%.

Why are current property owners subsidizing development in Revelstoke? All this means is more money in developers pockets. Apparently whoever barks the loudest pays the least. Best part is they are trying to further reduce DCC even more by increasing subsides from tax payers and there has been no consultation to taxpayers!

All council did was discuss how DCC would affect affordable housing even though it said in the presentation affordable housing is exempt from paying DCC. How are these increased rates making housing affordable? Cost upfront for developers vs extended tax pressure for everyone.

Here is a link to the council report if you want to look at it for yourself.

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Thu, 12 Jul 2018 00:44:32 GMT