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I'm selling my automatic All-Wheel Drive 2005 Volvo XC90 (odometer at 330,000 km) with BRAND NEW SET OF WINTER TIRES ON RIMS (and the used set of summer tires also on rims currently on the car)

The car runs great but I'm ready for a new vehicle. This car is awesome for families or anyone that needs to haul a lot of stuff around (I've fit a couch in the back before! (with trunk open of course). The car seats 7 people with the seats in the back! It is all-wheel drive and is wicked in the snow and on rough backcountry roads. This volvo also comes equipped with leather seats, roof rack crossbars, seat heaters (ie. bum warmers) in the front seats, 6 CD changer, a sunroof, a mini tailgate (which is actually the best thing ever), a set of summer tires that are mounted on rims and a brand new set of winter tires that are also mounted on rims (tires were purchased 3 months ago), fully functioning A/C and heat, and automatic controls to move the driver seats forwards/backwards. This car has only ever been owned by two people, the first person being my mother and the second being myself. The car has had regular oil changes and has been well maintained. My mom and I have also always fueled the car up with premium gas (it's not mandatory but we like to think that's why the car is still running great after 13 years!) The car is originally from Ontario so there is a bit of rust on the underside from the salt but as previously mentioned, the car still runs great. There are some small things in the interior that are a bit banged up but nothing major, just cosmetic stuff (everything still functions well). The ABS light is on and has been for two years. Apparently that means that the ABS function doesn't work. I've been driving the car for two years with this light on and never had issues braking. I had a shop take a look and they said it's likely about an $700 fix if you did want to have it repaired so that the ABS system works but the brakes still work fine without it, they're just not using the ABS function (as I mentioned, I've been driving it like this for two years without any issues).

Other neat-o things about the car: the seats fold down flat in the back so that you can sleep comfortably - I have spent quite a few car camping nights in this vehicle and it's very spacious, flat and comfortable for TWO people.Car also comes with a hitch and I have a roofrack that isn't installed but that I will obviously throw in as part of the deal

Looking to sell this week if possible - let me know if you're keen

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Wed, 11 Jul 2018 18:01:53 GMT