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Rev. Irrigation Services

Hello Revelstoke, we are offering a local Irrigation business here in Revelstoke! With years of experience working with a Certified Irrigation Contractor, we can guarantee a professionally designed system to distribute water efficiently and effectively through out your landscape. Our ultimate goal is to create an unseen sprinkler system, a lush landscape and leave you carefree from water maintenance.

What we offer

• Residential Install
Will designing the system based on your specific landscape, dig trenches, and install pipe, valves, sprinklers and controller until everything has sufficient water coverage. Leaving your property clean with a self-sufficient irrigation system.

• Maintenance/ Repair
On call for: controller programming and diagnostics, pipe breaks, non-functioning heads, plugged nozzles, non-rotating heads, wiring; faults/breaks, additions, etc.

• Winterization
Accessing water shut off for your irrigation system. Ensuring all zones are clear of water by purging each zone using our air compressor. This prevents water from freezing and damaging your irrigation system over the cold winter months.


Phone: 250-837-8668

Call now for a free estimate!

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