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I think all locals should avoid supporting this business until they offer staff accom. Sister company sandman does why not ski hill. Rockford food is no better than dennys anyways. Where is the chicken from? Tossed in a premade sauce im sure. They jusr dress it more. Plus the add only mentions alcohol purchase not eat in only. This company in general doesnt seem to have a positive following localky and this is a reason why.
Still innapropriate to call out the manager based on your perception of her "look". Policy yes, personal attacks probably not.
Support local anyways and we shouldnt be supporting this company anyways.remember year one when they made all the females parade in front of management in mini skurts and high heels to fit their dress code. I will boycot rmr until yhey sell and focus on the stars and their squamish resirt

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Tue, 15 May 2018 22:33:34 GMT