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Too much complaining. You’re getting a lb of wings for $3.90. You can’t take them to go. Why? It wasn’t long ago that people used to post on the STOKELIST that they were buying wings for cheap and then delivering them around town. It’s the abuse of a good thing that causes policies to be made to prevent being completely taken advantage of. Wing night at the Rockford is always full of locals. It’s an affordable way to take our kids out for dinner and they have always treated us very well as a family. We always tip generously on wing night because the staff is working extra hard for very low bills.

You think you’re doing them a favour going there for $3.90 wings?!?? When are the consumers going to realize when they have it good? Try and do the math to calculate how much money Wings should cost after food cost, wages, keeping the lights on, ink for the printer, the hot water to wash your dishes and the little paper thing that goes around the rolled up cutlery. Eat your cheap wings and enjoy them. Is that too much to ask?

If you must, wrap your leftovers in a napkin and carry them home. It’s not that difficult.

Life is good when that’s the biggest thing you have to complain about. But wait. You probably complain about everything else too.

Pay $13/lb on any other night and then get a takeout container.

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Tue, 15 May 2018 20:29:31 GMT