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I was refused to be sold wings on wing night at the Rockford because I was not buying a drink. When I asked to be shown this stipulation in writing, the on duty supervisor advised me that they didn't have it in writing, but it was advertised as such on the stoke list and stoke fm. When listening to the advert on stoke fm, not a single mention of having to purchase a drink. And I've never seen it mentioned in the stoke list posts.

On top of this, I've first-hand watched them refuse the staff discount to staff on non-wing orders on wing night. Sorry staff, if you want to eat before, during, or after your shift on a Monday, it doesn't count to be staff.

And no, they won't let you take home those 4 wings you couldn't finish out of the 2 lbs you ordered.

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Tue, 15 May 2018 15:12:20 GMT