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Baby parrots and parrot eggs for sale. we have some weaned, hand fed , tamed and well trained baby and adult parrots and their fertilized eggs for sale. We are specialized in selling fresh laid and fertile species of parrot eggs. All our eggs are collected from very healthy birds in our aviary ,candle tested and confirmed 100% fertile with a hatching ratio of 1.1 . Its quiet interesting raising up your own parrots. Bellow is a list of all the eggs we have for sale:
Timneh Grey,
Umbrella Cockatoo,
Palm Cockatoo,
Goffin Cockatoo,
Gallah Cockatoo,
Blue and Gold Macaw,
Scarlet Macaw,
Greenwing Macaw,
Hyacinth Macaw,
Sollomons Island Eclectus,
Dyh Amazon,
Toco Toucan,
Conures. etc


place your order online at :

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Thu, 20 Apr 2017 22:05:25 GMT