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To the complete low life that decided to enter my house on Second St East last Saturday the 15th and take off with my iPhone 6, karma is coming for you bud.

Not only were you most likely invited into our humble abode to party, drink and make an absolute mess but you decided to top it off by blatantly stealing a hosts property, jeeze your mother must be proud of you.

On the off chance that you just 'accidentally' picked it up and haven't returned it in the last 5 days, that's totally cool bud. Just please return it so I can get my last two years of photo's back (yes I'm an idiot and didn't have them backed up). The phone was unlocked so it'd be pretty easy to call one of my recent contacts. Imagine all that good karma!!!

If anyone knows anything, please email me. The phone was last located using Find My Phone near 414 Humbert St / the trailer park behind Humbert St. It has a green with wood laminate hard plastic case with two faded stickers (Dose and Society).

Your's truly,
Another pissed off Revelstokian.

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Thu, 20 Apr 2017 00:44:18 GMT