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In-home Care Partners

I am exploring the availability, in Revelstoke, of qualified individuals for the following:

We hope to assemble a small team of committed, trusted caregivers to support my gentle, non-mobile, non-verbal 74 year- old husband. He lives with late-stage Lewy-Body Dementia. My goal is to bring him home from institutional care.

Experience and Credentials
-homecare and/or longterm care certification is helpful but not essential
-other medical or care-related training: ex. nursing, recreation, teaching, childcare,
-experience, either work related or volunteer, within a caregiving model
-personal and job-related references

Skills and Abilities
- evidence of a responsible attitude toward employment
-strong enough to push a wheelchair for longer walks, reposition a 140 lb. male, and to assist with transfers using a hydraulic lift.
-comfortable with providing personal care.
-car not necessary

Personal Suitability
-willingness to learn and to take direction
-good communication skills
-able to work within a team
-sensitive, kind and empathetic
-positive and respectful

Our employees will be part of our family. Family members, including small children, will be frequent visitors. The working environment will be warm and respectful and employees will have some time to work on their own portable projects like online courses, knitting, reading, etc. Evening and night-shift staff will be able to sleep, with interruptions. The building, sadly, is not pet friendly. Our home, a small condo, is non-smoking, as is the entire building including balconies.

Pay will be fair, negotiable, and dependent on skills, training, and responsibilities. We need regular staff, and back-up (on-call) occasional staff.

Please contact: to send a resumé, arrange an interview, or for more information.

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Mon, 17 Apr 2017 05:06:17 GMT