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Suggesting that the people of Revelstoke boycott businesses in order to bring its prices more inline with surrounding communities is neither stupid nor ridiculous.
Implying that people will run out of gas if they avoid filling up here, and then take it out on the locals is absurd.
Revelstoke is always going to be a tourist destination like most other communities in British Columbia, and the Alberta Rockies but that doesn't give the green light to business owners who believe they can make up fictitious excuses for why they're gouging it citizens and visitors.
If people are worried about running out of fuel suggest they add the minimum gasoline amount and move on to the next community where prices are far better.
The community of Revelstoke can change the way these vendors gouge citizens and visitors by getting involved, make it an issue with the local candidates(election years are good times for action) organize local protests and boycotts, involve the media, and inform everyone you know because this town can bring these costs down with action to reflect more of the surrounding areas.
One can only wonder why a guy suggesting the town be quiet, bend over and take it considers that to be priceless wisdom.

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Sun, 16 Apr 2017 18:35:02 GMT